"I really enjoyed doing a Mentorship class with Michelle.
She's so open and willing to share what she knows.
Participating in the Mentorship class gave me more confidence
and more tools to help make my own photography business successful.
I would definitely recommend Michelle's Mentorship classes to
photographers looking to improve their skills."

-Elizabeth Langford Photography

"I did a MENTORshop with Michelle about three years ago when I was
just starting out and she really gave me a great amount of core knowledge
on how to make the most of my camera. She was so incredibly patient with
me as I am not the most technical shooter and put it onto words that I
understood. I love how every aspect was tailored to my needs and no
question was off limits."

-Cortney Talbott Photography

"Michelle is the best! I can 100% say I would not be where
I am today without her help! She's a wonderful mentor!"

-Allisabeth Jackson Photography

MENTORshop was well worth the money and one of the best things I
could have done for my photography. Michelle is super down-to-earth
and so easy to talk to! She helped me find vision, and I no longer
feel like I am walking in the dark hoping to figure out things as I go.
I have much greater confidence moving my business forward.

-Brittany LeSueur

I absolutely ADORE each person I have had the chance to work with and help mentor along their own photography business journey. Here are some of the kindest words from some of those lovely folks!